Manufacturer’s Professional Repair Information for the “Car Savvy Do it Yourselfer” Over 90 years of  service.



NOTE: This is GENERAL information. This article is not intended to be specific to any unique situation or individual vehicle configuration. The purpose of this Troubleshooting information is to provide a list of common causes to problem symptoms. For model-specific Troubleshooting, refer to SUBJECT, DIAGNOSTIC, or TESTING articles available in the section(s) you are accessing.


Coolant Leak Fill/Pressure Test System
A/C Condenser Fins Clogged Remove/Clean Condenser
Radiator Fins Clogged Remove/Clean Radiator
Thermostat Stuck Closed Replace Thermostat
Clogged Cooling System Passages Clean/Flush Cooling System
Water Pump Malfunction Replace Water Pump
Fan Clutch Malfunction Replace Fan Clutch
Retarded Ignition Timing Reset Ignition Timing
Cooling Fan Malfunction Test Cooling Fan/Circuit
Cooling Fan Motor Malfunction Test Fan Motor
Cooling Fan Relay Malfunction Test Fan Relay
Faulty Radiator Cap Replace Radiator Cap
Broken/Slipping Fan Belt Replace Fan Belt
Restricted Exhaust Repair Exhaust System
Impurities In Coolant Clean/Flush System
Coolant Leakage
Damaged hose Replace Hose
Leaky Water Pump Replace Water Pump
Damaged Radiator Seam Replace/Repair Radiator
Leaky Thermostat Cover Replace Thermostat Cover
Cylinder Head Problem Check Head/Head Gasket
Leaky Freeze Plugs Replace Freeze Plugs
Recovery System Inoperative
Loose and/or Defective Radiator Cap Replace Radiator Cap
Overflow Tube Clogged and/or Leaking Repair Tube
Recovery Bottle Vent Restricted Clean Vent
No Heater Core Flow
Collapsed Heater Hose Replace Heater Hose
Plugged Heater Core Clean/Replace Heater Core
Faulty Heater Valve Replace Heater Valve

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